A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gratitude For God's Gifts of Love to Me - Week 5

My Year of Thanks!
April 17th - April 23rd, 2015

April 17th

  1. Thankful for the opportunity to serve Debbie & Scott by creating/running the CaringBridge Website for them.
  2. Thankful for a nice walk with my Husband to enjoy the warm weather.
  3. Thankful I made it thru the work week after a hard, emotional week in my personal life.

April 18th

  1. Thankful for the beauty of nature which we enjoyed at Pokagon State Park Today.
  2. Thankful for a delicious meal at Caruso's.
  3. Thankful I was 2 lbs down after a rough week.  This was a huge scale and non-scale victory!

April 19th

  1. Safe travels home from Angola.
  2. Thankful for a bit of relaxation at a coffee shop in Angola.
  3. Thankful for free Breakfast at our Hotel.

April 20th

  1. I'm So, So Grateful that the Cardioversion worked to get my BIL's heart back into rhythm.
  2. Thankful for the technology of texting.  It's a lot easier keeping updated when far away from loved ones.
  3. The Blessing of Friends Praying on our behalf.

April 21st

  1. I was able to focus better at work Today.
  2. I head an Awesome song on the way home from work that excited and comforted me.
  3. I'm thankful my Sister's Family has a huge support system both near and far.

April 22nd

  1. I'm thankful that I have a Husband who cooks every night. What a Godsend!
  2. I'm thankful said Husband set up an oil change appointment so the car is ready for my drive to WI on my days off next week.
  3. I'm thankful the snow melted.

April 23rd

  1. "The Hardest Peace", A book written by Kara Tippetts - I read half of it this Evening.
  2. Meijer MPerks - Helps to save money.
  3. Medicine which helps even out my chemical imbalances.

Gratitude For God's Gifts of Love to Me - Week 4

My Year of Thanks!
April 10th - April 16th, 2015
Not Gonna Lie!  This was an incredibly hard week to stay grateful!  April 9th we found out that my Brother-in-Law very likely had cancer.  Then on April 15th, we found out he has a very rare form of Sarcoma cancer.  At times I went for days without writing down the 3 things I was grateful for each day.  The important thing, is that I went back and actually wrote 3 things down for each day I missed. I started my "Year of Thankfulness" on March 20th.  Little did I know at that time, how challenging, yet important it would be for me to continue to be grateful, regardless of the circumstances in my life or in the lives of those I love, and no matter how "down" I felt.  God is Good!  All the Time! 

April 10th

  1. Cookie Butter
  2. Decaf Coffee
  3. The Weekend - After a Very Long Week.

April 11th

  1. Natural Vitamin D - NOT in the form of a pill!
  2. My "baby" Sister Debbie.
  3. My 2.4 lb weight loss.

April 12th

  1. Shawn Holtgren - He's a great Friend & Encourager to us - Oh, he Married us too!! ;-)
  2. The fact that I don't need bifocals.....yet!
  3. Great Vision Insurance.

April 13th

  1. Weight Watchers low point, yummy ice cream treats.
  2. Two hours of Overtime.
  3. Sunshine.

April 14th

  1. I got our taxes done/filed.
  2. We owed less in taxes than we did last year.
  3. My Sunrise Simulator.

April 15th

  1. My Awesome Friend Mary
  2. My Awesome Friend Alice
  3. My Awesome Cousin Chad

April 16th

  1. My Co-Worker Beth coming back to work, and lightening my work load.
  2. "Oh my God, He will not delay, my refuge and strength, Always!" - Great Lyrics from a song that was on the Radio during my drive home from work. Very timely lyrics!
  3. Dinner with a Great Friend - We encouraged each other.  What a Blessing!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gratitude For God's Gifts of Love to Me - Week 3

My Year of Thanks!
April 3rd - April 9th, 2015
"The days when it's hardest to be Thankful, are the days when it's most important to be Thankful."
April 3rd
  1. The Greatest Love Story of All - Jesus dying to give us Eternal Life.
  2. Greek Yogurt Whips - It's like having dessert - Yummo!
  3. Money to buy the groceries - Blessed!  
April 4th
  1. The gift of WW Meetings - For FREE.
  2. The gift of green grass.
  3. The Free Fitbit I have that motivates me to keep active.
April 5th
  1. The Resurrection - Oh Happy Day!  Thank you Jesus!
  2. My Nephew Joey.
  3. A delicious Dinner of stuffed chicken breast made by my Sister - Mashed Potatoes too!  Yummo!
April 6th
  1. My Pillow - Can't sleep without it.
  2. The great participation in my 4th Annual Walking Challenge.
  3. Freshly cut cantaloupe - Yummy!
April 7th
  1. That God has taught me to take responsibility for my life - It's so much more empowering this way!
  2. The cart and stool that "closes the kitchen" and keeps me from eating overnight.
  3. The walking path at work - so I can get my steps in even if it's cold and rainy outside.
April 8th
  1. My Spring energy - Even after working 2 hours of OT, walking, and doing yoga - I'm not completely exhausted!
  2. Flavored drops - They help me drink the water my body needs.
  3. My Spoonk acupressure mat - It helps me relax and fall asleep, eases my stress/anxiety levels, and relieves tension in my upper back/shoulders.
April 9th
  1. Kelly - My dear "Mom" in the Milwaukee area. 
  2. Jen - My wonderful friend who comes to my Wednesday Night Small Group.
  3. Hope - Given to me thru Christ! No Matter what struggles we go thru, God is there, and everything will be OK.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gratitude For God's Gifts of Love to Me - Week 2

My Year of Thanks!
March 27th - April 2nd, 2015


March 27th

  1. Starbucks - A place to splurge & treat ourselves to yummy goodness every now & then.
  2. A paid day off of work - not everyone gets those.
  3. Clear weather for our drive to the land of cheese.

March 28th

  1. Weight Watchers - It truly has changed our lives and our relationships with food.
  2. Budget Cinemas - Where 6 of us could see "Annie" for $12.00.
  3. The Blessing of Quality Time with Lexi, Hannah, Tyler, & Myles, our thoughtful & extremely grateful Nieces & Nephews.

March 29th

  1. My St. Marcus Friends who still treat me like a part of their Church Family.
  2. A safe & uneventful drive home from the Land of Cheese.
  3. My heating pad, which helps to relax me & help me fall asleep.

March 30th

  1. My Packer Blanket that my Mom made me for our Wedding Shower - it keeps me warm.
  2. My "Sister" Sarah - We haven't met in person, but she is a positive influence in my life and I knew her Dad, so I know she's a Strong & Good Person.
  3. My Friend Kathy who thought of me when she found a steal deal on rubber stamps, and bought them not knowing if I would want them or not, and was going to return them if I didn't want them.  I do want them! :-)

March 31st

  1. The Flylady, who taught me that anyone can do anything for 15 minutes.  I set my timer for 15 minutes to start a seemingly overwhelming task, and in 15 minutes, it's done
  2. Pandora - So I can listen to Christian Contemporary Music/80's Music/Etc - all day at work.
  3. Longer days - Today was the last day I used my light box for the Season!

April 1st

  1. For being outside Today with no coat, with short sleeves, and NOT being Cold!  That hasn't happened since September of last Year!
  2. My Small Group Ladies, and how Real, and Open, and Honest we can be with each other.
  3. Pulse FM on my TV - Positive, Uplifting, Encouraging Music!

April 2nd

  1. I'm Thankful for the Perfect work hours for my body clock - 9:45am - 6:00pm.
  2. Electricity - Where would I be without indoor light in the evenings?
  3. Indoor Plumbing - Can you tell I'm not a camper?