A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress

Thursday, July 5, 2012

J-La-Sta's 3rd Thankful Thursday!

Here are the people/things I am thankful for today:

I'm Thankful That My Friend Mary Moved Back To Michiana.  Mary and I have been friends for over 5 years.  We first met each other at a Church group on June 4th, 2007.  I had just moved back to South Bend from Milwaukee on May 1st of that year.  Mary was my first friend I made in the area after moving back.  We have been there for each other thru some pretty tough times, and we have been there for each other thru some pretty awesome times as well!  Mary got married in August of 2009 and moved to a suburb of Indy, about 3 hours away from here.  A few weeks ago Mary, her husband and sweet baby girl moved back to the area.  I am so happy to have her close again!  I often call her "daughter" and she often calls me "mom", you can read about that and see a picture of us here

I'm Thankful That I Am Almost Done Writing Thank You Notes.  I am so thankful for how much people blessed us at our Wedding (7/8/11)/Wedding Open House (8/20/11) and gifts that were sent between and after those events!  I have been wanting to write thank you notes, but have been putting it off because the task seemed overwhelming.  Yes, I procrastinate when things seem overwhelming to me.  Well, I am determined to get them done before we leave on our vacation!  I have 16 more to write! :)  My hand and my shoulders (heavy weight) will be thankful when I am finished as well! :)

I'm Thankful That I Have 1 More Day of Work Before Our Vacation.  We are so excited to head to Northern Michigan to celebrate our 1 year Anniversary!  We haven't had a full week off of work since our honeymoon.  We are very much looking forward to it!  As of 7:15pm Eastern Time on Friday, July 6th, I will officially be ...wait for it...

Last But Not Least, I Am Thankful For An Amazing First Year of Marriage With My Mr. Right.  I was single for the 1st 37.5 years of my life.  Now that I've been married to Jonathan for a year (July 8th), I completely realize that I wouldn't change a thing about my many years of singleness!  He was worth the wait and God knew EXACTLY what He was doing! :)  I love you Jonathan and I look forward to many more wonderful years together! :)

This pic was taken on our honeymoon in Clearwater Beach, FL