A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress

Friday, May 8, 2015

Gratitude For God's Gifts of Love to Me - Week 7

My Year of Thanks
May 1st - May 7th, 2015

May 1st

  1. Mexican food and a nice walk with Carey.
  2. I got to deliver clothes to Debbie for Tyler, from Carey's boys.
  3. My Husband had beautiful, bright and cheery flowers waiting for me when I got home.

May 2nd

  1. Seeing my Sister Pam graduate with her Masters Degree.
  2. Warm weather.
  3. Being "Heiman Strong" with Family and eating at Red Lobster.

May 3rd

  1. Free Rise & Roll donuts at Church.
  2. Technology - being able to make video messages for my Nieces/Nephews.
  3. Blueberries (my favorite) were on sale at Meijer.

May 4th

  1. A day off work and at home - all to myself.
  2. Being the first person to let my friend April know she won Pulse FM's Makeover Monday.
  3. Thankful my BIL lives close to a great hospital (Froedert) with Sarcoma Specialists. We don't have any here in South Bend.

May 5th

  1. Wonderful, encouraging words from my Friend Carolyn, reaffirming how far I have come and that she is proud of me.
  2. Scott & Debbie received lots of good news today! No more lovenox shots and soon no more PICC line!
  3. I remembered to make my coffee this morning! :-)

May 6th

  1. The weather was nice enough for me to walk outside today! :-)
  2. I got a voicemail message from my sweet friend Mary, even though I missed her call.
  3. The wonderful and inspiring blog post I read from Jason Tippetts about a 1st since his wife's passing.

May 7th

  1. Electricity - I take it for granted often.
  2. That we can afford to eat out when the electricity is out.
  3. Living close to work - especially when I'm running late for work.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Gratitude For God's Gifts of Love to Me - Week 6

My Year of Thanks!
April 24th - April 30th, 2015

April 24th

  1. I'm Thankful my BIL's 1st Chemo Treatment went well.
  2. I'm Thankful I woke up to a beautiful new pic of my Sister and her Family on FB.
  3. I'm Thankful my wonderful Husband cleaned the Apartment Tonight.

April 25th

  1. I'm Thankful I got to spend time with Family at my Cousin Katie's Bridal Shower.
  2. I'm Thankful my car is ready for my drive to Wisconsin.
  3. I'm Thankful for napping in the Afternoon.

April 26th

  1. I'm Thankful for a great, comforting, and applicable Church Service.
  2. I'm Thankful for yummy Jasmine's Favorite rice dish that I got to eat at Aladdins for Lunch.
  3. I'm Thankful I achieved 990 Lifetime Miles with my Fitbit - I've walked the entire length of New Zealand.

April 27th

  1. I'm Thankful for a great counseling session with the best Counselor Ever!  He told me I was doing really well!  I needed this validation!
  2. I'm Thankful I had a productive day at work.
  3. I'm Thankful my Hubby got gas for me so the car is all set for my trip to Wisconsin Tomorrow Evening.

April 28th

  1. I'm Thankful I had a safe drive to Wisconsin.
  2. I'm Thankful I got to see Chuck and Carey.
  3. I'm Thankful that I am off work for the next 6 days - a much needed break.

April 29th

  1. I'm Thankful I got to help my Sister with daycare, got to pick things up at the Store for her.
  2. I'm Thankful I got to go to Culver's with my Sister and my Nieces and Nephews for their School Fundraiser.
  3. I'm Thankful for Laughter in the van this Evening, coming from all 6 of us.

April 30th

  1. I'm Thankful that my BIL Scott got to see his girls participate in their track meet Today.
  2. I'm Thankful that Starbucks gave me another caramel macchiato for free, after I spilled my Sister's drink in the car.
  3. I'm Thankful for Quality time alone with my Nieces and Nephews this Evening.